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Wardrobe Therapy

Before you buy a thing, let’s take a look at the clothes and accessories you already own. We’ll discover hidden gems, new combinations and your personal look for this season and beyond. Then, if you need anything new, we’ll come up with your very own “look book” and wish list. At the end of the day, we just saved you a ton of time without leaving your closet.

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As a mom myself, I know how important it is for a young woman to discover her own identity. This is about more than picking trendy outfits—it's about helping her find a look that allows her to feel comfortable and confident. Especially in milestone moments like an 8th grade dance, her Sweet 16, the prom, and her first job. We can all shop together, or, you can give her a taste of independence (and raise her “cool factor”) by letting her shop with her very own stylist. 

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Something Special

Dressing for a big occasion? Trust me, this is going to be fun. We’ll take you from “I don’t have anything” to “I got this.” Let’s put together the outfits that feel just right for you and help you own the moment. This is perfect for when you’re going to a wedding, high school reunion, on your honeymoon, a job interview or the vacation of a lifetime. I'll help you with it all.

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The Total Package

This is way more than a one-time appointment. This is the most personal of personal stylist experiences. It includes a full year of seasonal outfits and accessories delivered to your door, on-demand fashion consultation, personal shopping and more. Since this is such an exclusive and individualized service, it is limited to only a few clients each year on a first-come-first-served basis.

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Here's how we'll work together



First, I’ll ask you a lot of questions to help me get to know your style goals and build your personal profile. Got pics of you looking your best? How about looks that inspire or resonate with you? Starting a new job? A new relationship? A new workout plan? This is the time to tell me all your goals. This initial session takes about 30 minutes and is completely complimentary.


By getting to know your wardrobe, we’ll see what you have and what you really need. Let’s check out your favorite pieces, as well as the things you forgot all about—we may discover outfits you never knew you had. We’ll try things on, create your personal look and have a lot of fun doing it. This could take a while, so get a sitter and tell your spouse to find something good on TV.


Next, I’ll send you a customized “look book” of suggestions based on what I’ve learned about your style goals and your closet’s needs. If you like my recommendations, we can shop together, or I can bring your new outfits right to you. This is really where you see the true value of having your own a personal stylist.

What does it cost?

Like your style, your budget is unique to you. So, I customize my services to match your needs. We can work together for a flat fee or on an hourly basis.

I understand that every outfit and accessory is an investment. That’s why, whether you have a fixed budget, or the sky’s the limit, I always help you justify every purchase based on my “price per wear” breakdown that shows you the true value of each piece.

The best starting point is my initial 30-minute Q&A consultation session. It's completely complimentary and commitment free.

Which services fit you best?

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